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In the event that your property is damaged, you should report the loss to your producer as soon as possible. The producer should complete the loss notice with all available details. It is important for us to know the extent of damages and if the property can still be occupied. The producer should then submit the claim by mail or fax to us for assignment. If you don't have a producer please report the loss to us, fax, mail or phone.

Upon receipt of the claim, we will promptly assign an adjuster. You can expect to be contacted by the adjuster within two days of our receipt of the claim. To help us make prompt contact, the claim notice should include both a day and evening phone number.

After the loss occurs, you should protect the property from further damage and make reasonable and necessary temporary repairs. An accurate record should be kept of all repair expenses.

*** Please note there has been a small change to the way new claims are reported online. There are now two screens instead of one. The first screen will now ask you to supply the loss date and policy number. The second screen is similar to the old one, however, new dropdown menus have been added to make it easier to complete the form. Please call the customer service department if you are having any issues with completing the form. You will receive a claim number at the end of a successful submission. ***

Mail address:
Catastrophe Claims
744 Broad Street
P.O. Box 32609
Newark, NJ 07102

Claim Fax# (973) 297-5033

Claim Toll-Free Telephone # 1-866-654-7526